Six Million Dollar Man

Slot machine test: six million dollar man

Perhaps not everyone in this series recalls their title, but probably quite been here and has made the rounds. The speech is of the six million dollar man, which for the first time in 1974, played by Lee majors on TV screens appeared. It was followed by some squadrons and also TV movies. Today is one of the six million dollar an integral part of the cultural heritage in film - and Fersehenwelt. It's about the astronaut Steve Austin, whose Körper will technically be beefed up after an accident. Is the figure not only in the TV history books, but also in the same slot machines, was developed by Playtech. For fans of the cult series of course a real highlight, but you do not necessarily know have your fun with the slot six million dollar man to be able to have. The online slot machine looks good, has good features and can provide you with winning. If you want to play, you must register it in the online casino. For fans, cool action series a must.

Play Six Million Dollar Man online now!

Six million dollar man playing online

Because the slot game from Playtech original artworks from the film is, it of course even more exciting if you know series, which is now also on DVD. But if not, then you must complete yet your tasks, which of course, are generating profits. Also a super agent does not just by the way, but you don't have to worry, because technical implants not to assimilate you. It is enough already some luck on the reels. These form the backbone of six million dollar man, in the many different symbols can be found. And if there now is a little order can be brought, nothing in the way is a tidy profit.

The symbols provide only profit, if they occur in a series from the same motives, who left to take their beginning. Crucial for this are also the line of six million dollar man, because also the winning series must lie exactly on these. 50 paylines are already a proud number, which means that you actually getting back together have the one or other number, even if you have no direct control over. Not any gain is doing the same, winning rounds, which are rather lean, there is quite but that should not bother, because a really good round to make up for sometimes a few zero numbers.

The slot game symbols in the six million dollar man online slot

the profit is calculated from the icon and your usage. Some symbols are better than others and provided anyway with higher multipliers, depending on a number is longer. A high multiplier with high levels therefore leads to a high profit, if you lucky enough to the side.

The motives are all more or less directly from series. The exception is the little original numbers and letters that have been implemented at least in the matching computer font. Much better are already the bio technical implants, which can bring all the same much profit on the scale. Are rows of three in six million dollar man very well rewarded. It is even better for example with the character of Oscar Goldman, here with an original image of the actor Richard Anderson. The six million dollar man itself acts as a wild, but also lush profits brings. The logo of the game is the scatter symbol and brings 'Bionic spins' a.

Slot machines instructions by six million dollar man

Is a super top agent? No problem, simply login to the Online Casino and charge money. Then you need to so that your bets in the slot six million dollar man make. The amount of controls significantly, how much you can win upwards. You can play on that new or just setting to each round already set used. Start with "Auto Play" the rollers to each round of alone.

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